Tree Removal in Rutherford & Wilson TN

There comes a point when a tree needs to be removed from your property. There could’ve been a major storm that destroyed the life of a tree, took branches down, interfered with powerlines, fallen on your home or building, or died. With a tree removal service like All American Tree Service, we are your go-to tree removal company servicing the greater Nashville area.

What Does Tree Removal Include?

Our tree removal service provides the removal of trees dead, dying, or alive. We also conduct stump grinding to ensure safety on the property you own, and dead wooding as well. If you have a tree that is dying of disease, fallen on powerlines or your home, or causing danger to people and structures, we can remove it for you. You can either invest in a magnificent asset or a liability, so if you’re having issues, let’s get to the source.

emergency tree removal

The Benefits of Having a Tree Removed

  • Tree Could be Dead/Dying
  • Infestation/Diseases
  • Tree Stumps Cause Walking Hazards
  • In Danger of Falling from Severe Weather
  • Hazardous to Home/Office Building
  • Protect Your Family/Employees/Customers

With residential and commercial tree removal services, you won’t have to worry about any dangers. You can focus on other jobs or tasks that have to get done whether it has something to do with work or your home. 

Why Choose All American Tree Service?

You could remove a tree or stump yourself, but that can come with major risks. With a tree service, we give you the benefit of safely removing the tree from your property and protecting the land of any other dangers.

If you’re having any type of tree problems in Wilson, Rutherford, or any surrounding areas in the greater Nashville area, we encourage you to contact All American Tree Service at 615-556-8820 to get to the bottom of the problem.